LHT Family, 
If you haven’t heard the news yet, we are excited to announce that LHT Outreach has partnered with our local Virtua Mount Holly Memorial Hospital to provide 500 meals for an entire hospital shift! On top of that, we are providing the meals by purchasing them through a local business. So, not only will we be able to meet the needs of the hospital staff, but we are also supporting the employees of a local small business who are being significantly impacted by this situation. 
In addition to that, we announced our plan to partner with JOANN Fabric to provide requested homemade medical facemasks for the hospital. Participating JOANN stores are providing kits to sew the face masks; each kit contains enough material to provide 5 masks. The kits are limited to 1 per person, or 2 per car. 
So, here is what we are asking, if:
You are comfortable traveling to JOANN, but cannot sew
You can pick up the kit from JOANN and drop it off at the church for someone else to make the masks. 
You are comfortable traveling to JOANN, and are capable of sewing masks
You can pick up a kit from a participating store, and once finished, drop them off at LHT. A receptacle will be provided in the front vestibule. 
You are not comfortable traveling to JOANN, but are capable of sewing the masks
As kits are dropped off to LHT, we will have kits available that you can pick up from LHT in a receptacle in the front vestibule. Once you have completed the masks, you can drop them back off at LHT. There will be receptacles in the front vestibules. 

You are not comfortable traveling, and cannot sew
That's ok! The beautiful thing about a family like ours is that we all have different gifts. We are strongest when we all come together as ONE. You can still participate by giving to the cause HERE

A few more things to note:
  1. We recommend calling your local JOANN store before traveling, as not all stores are participating, and some have run out of supplies. 
  2. Please confirm with to ensure kits are available at LHT.
  3. The following link provides video instructions on how to make the masks and has come directly from Virtua. If you are participating, you must follow the instructions exactly, not substituting alternative materials or items. Here is the link for information on putting the masks together:
We are grateful for the opportunity to be a blessing during this difficult time. Last Fall when we launched LHT Outreach, we identified three values at the heart of our outreach: Community Presence, Community Support, and Community Transformation. Our unique position as a church during this crisis allows us to live out all three of these values. We will fight to be present, continue to support our local medical staff and believe that through it all, lasting transformation will come. 
In closing, we want you to know that we have been able to respond quickly by providing meals because of your faithful generosity. Thank you for being faithful through your giving. If you would like to give, you can do so HERE.



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