Our Spring Small Group semester will begin on May 8th! 

There's still time to sign up to create & lead a group of your own! 

Scroll down to view groups that will continue meeting throughout the break. 

It's never too late to join in!

At Lighthouse Church, we believe that real life change is birthed from

the meaningful relationships built in our Small Groups.  

Our available Small Groups are listed by day of the week, and are centered around a topic or hobby. We're sure there's a group that will be a perfect fit for you! 

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Scroll down for a list of available Small Groups by day of the week


6:00 - 7:30PM

(meets every other week beginning May 15th)

Title: Power of Prayer (women and girls)

Leader: Lora Johnson

Location: 163 Tiffany Lane, Willingboro, NJ


God desires to be in relationship with His people. Prayer allows us to enter the presence of God in a personal, relational way. Prayer is an essential element of a dynamic relationship with God. This group is designed for women and young girls. We will study the benefits of prayer and we will spend time praying for specific needs.



Title: Beacons (seniors 50+)

Leader: Vera Oakman

Location: Lighthouse Church


Adult ministry open to ages 50 and over. The Beacons sing, pray and enjoy preaching from various pastors on staff. The coffeepot and teapot are always on. Join us for special monthly activities. There is so much going on, you're sure to have a great time!


Title: Mommy & Me (moms and babies)

Leader: Krystal McManus and Jessica Paul

Location: 716 Main Street, Lumberton - White House

Email: and

A support group for moms and babies (newborn to pre-school age) with playtime for the babies, and discussion and uplifting networking for the moms.



Title: Girls With Swords by Lisa Bevere (women)

Leaders: Becky Pagone and Sonia Keithley

Location: 10 Bloomfield Drive, Westampton

Email: and

Worldwide, women are the targets of prejudice, sex trafficking, abuse, and gendercide. A spiritual enemy is seeking to disarm women on every level. Lisa Bevere explains how the Word of God is a sword that should be both studied and wielded.


Title: Youth (grades 7-12)

Leaders: Lighthouse Youth team

Location: Lighthouse Church


Each Wednesday night we host a worship experience geared specifically toward the youth of our church. From beginning to end, students will experience a fun, welcoming environment and will leave feeling inspired to follow Jesus into the world! 



Title: Intercessory Prayer

Leader: Evelyn Taylor

Location: Lighthouse Church (upper level)


A time to pray for our Lighthouse family and the needs of our friends and co-workers.

7:00 - 8:30PM

Title: LHT Youth - NOOMA

Leader: Rory McManus and Krystal McManus

Location: 716 Main Street, Lumberton - White House


We are a group of young people committed to taking a fresh and compelling look at the teachings of Jesus. We will watch a series of short films that explore our world from the perspective of Jesus. NOOMA invites us to search, create friendships, ask questions and join the discussion.


Title: Guy's Hangout (men)

Leaders: Bryan Carter and Mickey Welde

Location: 1 Paddock Way, Mt. Holly

Email: and

A group for guys to hang out and build relationships. Each week we will have a short devotion, play Xbox, throw some darts and other general nonsense.


Title: War Room (women)

Leader: Lisa Garron

Location: 18 Thornton Place, Mt. Holly


Tony and Elizabeth have it all—good jobs, a beautiful daughter, and their dream home. But their marriage is crumbling, and Tony is flirting with temptation. When Elizabeth meets her new client, Miss Clara, she's challenged to establish a "war room" and a battle plan for prayer. What will happen if she steps out in faith? 


6:30 - 8:30PM

Title: Game Night (children welcome)

Leader: Merisha Sturgis

Location: 47 Niagara Lane, Willingboro


Thank God its Friday! After a long week join us for some good ole' fashion fun. We will have board games, snacks, and great conversations. And yes, the kids can come!

7:00 - 8:30PM

Title: The Shack

Leaders: Joe Maksin and Jack Durham

Location: 4 Bridlewood Court, Tabernacle


Based on the story of The Shack, this 5-week study offers hope for those who have experienced tragedy, are questioning God's love and goodness, and for those who want to grow stronger in their faith. With discussion questions and application points, this powerful study is perfect for group, 

family, or individual study.

7:00 - 8:30PM

Title: Romans: God's Big Picture

(Begins June 2nd)

Leaders: Joe Maksin and Jack Durham 

Location: 4 Bridlewood Court, Tabernacle


Have you ever headed in the wrong direction? Taken a wrong turn? Made a wrong choice? Well you are not alone, the early church did too! Sidetracked by pride, distracted by pleasures. Paul shows us the one correct solution to help us stop making wrong choices - Jesus Christ. Jesus wants to restore us all to grace. 



Title: Saturday Morning Prayer & Communion

Leader: Jack Durham, Charlie Black and Lisa Garron

Location: Lighthouse Auditorium

Email: and

A one hour prayer gathering. A time for personal and corporate prayer, as well as Communion. Saturday Morning Prayer is a great way to prepare your heart for Sunday morning gatherings. We will be reading Leading On Empty by Wayne Cordeiro.


Title: Hiking With A Purpose

Leaders: Julie Welde and Bonnie Menasce

Location: Hiking trails around South Jersey

Email: and

Explore God's creation while burning some calories and bonding with others!


Title: Bible Discussion Group (women)

Leader: Frances Morris

Location: Samuel Miller Meeting Room - 256 Clifton Avenue, Mt. Holly


Discovering how the Bible is relevant to our everyday life. Each week a new topic will be presented.